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Last Updated: February 2021

Login/Signup/Reset Password

How do I log in?

Visit https://app.contentrefinery.io/login  Type your Username and Password and hit the “Login” button.

How do I sign-up?

Visit https://app.contentrefinery.io/signup Type in your information in the fields provided and hit the “Sign Up” button.  You will proceed through a few configuration screens and then you will receive and verification code in your email inbox. Please take that code and type it in the e-mail verification pop up. Once you have been verified, you will be redirected to the Login page so you can log into the app.

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password by clicking “Forgot Password” on the login url.  https://app.contentrefinery.io/login or the https://app.contentrefinery.io/recover

You can also change your password inside of the app on the home page (https://app.contentrefinery.io/home) by clicking the gear icon on the bottom left and selecting the “Change Password” option.


How do I use the Chrome Extension?

  • How do I use the Chrome Extension?
    •  The Chrome Extension can be used for the following functions
      • Login
      • Upload a file(s)
      • Copy a link
      • Get Script
      • Search for files in your library

Where can I find the Chrome Extension?

Profile/Settings/User Actions

How can I update my profile?

  •  How can I update my profile?
    •  You can update you profile by first logging into the app (https://app.contentrefinery.io/login
    • You can then click on the Gear icon on the bottom left hand side
    • Select “Update Profile” 
      • This allows you to update your name, phone number and company name

How can I update my company name?

 See → How can I update my profile?

Can I update my email address?

No. We use your original email address used at sign up to identify your account.  You cannot change the email address. You can create a new account with your new email address and submit a support ticket to delete your old account.

Where do I find additional settings?

    • At the bottom left there is a gear icon you can click.  This will open a prompt that has a list of additional functions one of which is the “User Settings”
    • Under “User Settings” you can perform the following functions:
      • Set Notifications
      • Upload/change/remove a logo for your viewer
      • Enable branding of your URL. Your url branding takes your “Company Name” under “User Profile” and appends that name in front of our url’s.
    • Under “Viewer Settings” you can perform the following functions:
      • Enable/Disable your Customer viewer
      • Select your Color palatte
      • Upload/change/remove a logo for the sidebar of the viewer.
        • HINT: this is usually a symbol logo without words
      • Configure Company Settings to display on the viewer.

How do I add company logo?

    • At the bottom left there is a gear icon you can click.
      • Select “User Settings”
      • Click on the link for “Branded logo”
      • Use the “Upload” button and select your file
      • Link your logo to your website using the following format: https://contentrefinery.io/
      • Logo’s can be the following file types:  .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif

What file types can I upload to the main application?

You can currently upload (.pdf, .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx)

How do I add a branded link?

    • At the top left there is a gear icon you can click.
      • Select “User Settings”
      • Click on the link for “Branded links”
      • Move the Toggle switch to “ON” position.

How do I link my file in an email?

    • The url links for each file can be found on the file card under the upside down triangle.
    • Click on the upside down triangle and select the first icon – “Copy url”
    • Proceed to your own email (outlook or gmail, etc) and paste your link
    • You can copy a link via the Chrome Browser Extension by logging into the Chrome extension and selecting the “Copy Link” button.

How do I export my metrics

You can scroll to the bottom graph section for the metrics and hit the export to .csv button on the bottom left of the graphs.

Can I launch the On-boarding again?

Yes. If you click on the gear icon on the bottom left of the home page you will have the option to launch the on-boarding script again.

About the platform

Are your links encrypted or SSL secure for sending?

Yes, all files are encrypted at rest and in transit and secure on our host servers.

Do you offer affiliate marketing or friend referral bonus?

    • Affiliate Marketing: At this moment we have not partnered with Affiliate programs but we have partnered with a few small marketing agencies on a one on one basis. Please reach out if interested in how we may work together.  info@contentrefinery.io Subject: Affiliate partner interest
    • Referral Bonus: We currently have a button to make it easy for you to refer friends to Contentrefinery.io.  Located at the top right of the home page you can click the refer a friend button to invite someone to register.  
      • Content Refinery will periodically look at referrals through this method only and determine what we may give back to the user to thank them for their referrals. 
      • We will have a campaign shortly to encourage referrals

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