Last Updated: March 2021

A few quick steps is all it takes. You have probably done this before, but just in case, we took some screen shots and added them below.

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1. Install the plugin “Insert Headers and Footers” on your WordPress site.
2. Your plugin will be accessible under the “Settings” menu on your site.
3. Go to “Content Refinery” and select the file that you want to integrate to your form. Then click the “Get Script” option (green button).

4. You will be prompted with the necessary script, click the copy button.

5. Go back to the “Insert Headers and Footers” plugin and under the “Scripts in Header” section paste the copied script.

6. Go to the form where you want to integrate Content Refinery. Then right click on the “Email” input and select “Inspect”

7. Copy the “id” property of the selected input.

8. Replace Y​OUR_INPUT_ID ​for the copied input id on your script.

9. Go back to the form where you want to integrate content refinery. Then right click on the “Submit” button and select “Inspect”

10. Replace Y​OUR_BUTTON_ID ​for the copied button id on your script. and click the “Save” button.

Content Refinery provides unique, real-time insights into your Customer and their engagement with the content you share. We help you refine your messaging, accelerate your opportunities and serve your audience better by making content improvement recommendations based on actual customer behavior.​
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