What happens after downloading gated content?

What Happens After Downloading Gated Content?

Anyone can build a traditional lead nurture track — send promised content, wait a week, and then send a follow-up content offer — and so on. Unfortunately, marketing this way leaves 94% of qualified leads without a close or sign-up. Here is a more successful track to help you take your gated content lead nurturing steps from just okay to awesome!

Is Your Gated Content Lead Nurturing Program a One-way Street?

Make sure your content is available in such a way that your prospects can “self-nurture” on their own timeline. Instead of the common practice of emailing your database then waiting a week, think about how you could build a nurture program that empowers engaged prospects to choose to accelerate their decision to sign-up or buy the offer and product you sell.

Make Sure Forms are Helpful and Purposeful

Completed forms only measure someone’s intent to engage with your content. Instead of relying on the completed form as a nurturing tool for your gated content, think about how you could use time-based forms to make the content experience more useful for your prospective lead. The goal of the form is not just to get information, but to empower engaged prospects to self-nurture by creating interactive and conversational content experiences.

Collecting the right metrics helps you determine if your nurture campaign is working. You need actionable data, rather than more data on what content prospects are reading or viewing. Measuring real engagement, or meaningful interactions such as reading, sharing, or downloading content, helps you understand how prospects are engaging with your content. This measurement helps you improve lead scoring, segmentation, and increases the ROI on your content, which allows quicker identification of engaged prospects, accelerating them through the marketing funnel ultimately becoming paying leads.

The Power of Personalization in Gated Content Lead Nurturing

How you can use personalization in lead nurturing beyond simple segmentation, making connections with each and every one of your prospects more authentic? The power of personalization begins before the initial purchase. Delivering personalized content experiences over the entire customer lifecycle is where you find your real opportunity for long-term success, leading to expansions and renewals of the service you provide. Don’t be spammy, instead respond to the data — delivering only useful and relevant content experiences your prospects want.

Make Content Binge Accessible

Engaged prospects want to binge on all your content. High activity results in lead scores being generated in minutes, rather than days, or weeks. Are you doing enough to nurture your lead’s attention while you’ve got it? Instead of dropping ONE content asset per each hard-won click, satisfy the demand of prospects’ desire for more content now.

Be Flexible and Consistent

Make sure you aren’t engaging all prospects in exactly the same way no matter what they do, or how they engage. Engaged prospects should not receive the same “one and done” emails or gated content offers that unengaged ones do. Check your engagement metrics – who is engaging with certain pieces of content and for how long?  These metrics provide powerful insight into your prospects’ future engagement and you can use behavior-driven logic to more profitably lead a prospect’s journey.

Your lead nurturing should lead your prospects through the right sequence of your content, at the right time, based on what you know about them through your data collection. Being consistent on all channels allows you to be the destination for prospects wherever and whenever they click. Remember your audience is in control — it’s your job to engage them on their schedule, not yours.

By adopting a behavior-driven lead nurturing for gated content that focuses on the NOW, you can turn prospects’ engagement with your content into qualified leads — ultimately creating more sales.

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