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Prove Your Target Audience Values Your Gated Content with Analytics

Traditional analytics help you learn a lot about your web visitors and their activity on your site. But what happens after they’ve relinquished their contact info and responded to your content offer? Short of direct contact with the user, you have little to no information about their engagement with your gated content. Did it give them the information they expected? Did they give it a cursory glance or keep coming back for more? Are they truly a lead worth pursuing? And if so, how can you target your marketing to maximize future conversions? Thankfully, there are some specific metrics to measure gated content and help refine your digital sales funnel.

Gated Content Analytics to Watch

You already know how to track conversions, opt-ins, and email opens. But those stats only tell you about a recipient’s activity prior to accessing your gated content; they tell you nothing about whether they found value in it. offers valuable insights that aren’t available through traditional analytics to measure gated content and determine its true effectiveness. Here are three metrics you can’t afford to ignore.

Interaction with Gated Content: The dashboard provides an easy-to-understand overview of how users interact with your content once they’ve accessed it. Identify the hotspots, learn which topics are generating the most interest, and view time-on-page for each page of your content. Learn whether your audience is returning to your content again and again or if a single read is sufficient. You can even drill down to the recipient level to see what captures their individual attention and use this data to segment your mailing list and develop more effective targeted marketing campaigns.

Inbound Traffic from Gated Content: You can’t measure inbound traffic from downloaded content with traditional analytics; clicks from PDFs and other downloads display as direct traffic. The platform allows you to capture this previously unavailable data, see how content recipients interact with your website, and evaluate how your content influences your sales funnel.

Overall Content Performance: You put a lot of time and resources into your gated content, but are you seeing the results you’re hoping for? Take the guesswork out of your efforts and make data-informed decisions instead. includes an evaluation matrix to measure gated content performance and identify whether your content just needs a little promotion, a few tweaks, or a complete overhaul to get the results you’re looking for. Detailed data such as intent, engagement, reach, recurring views, and hotspots are ALL needed to truly understand content performance, and to identify where you should invest your time and resources to maximize its effectiveness.

Measure Gated Content with

Are you ready to maximize the conversion power of your gated content? Measure gated content and make data-informed decisions with Sign up for a free 21-day trial today!

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