Measure Engagement of Gated Content vs Un-Gated Content

Measure Engagement on Your Gated Content

If you’re like most people, you use your conversion rate as a key indicator of gated content performance. But if you think about it, your conversion rate only measures the effectiveness of your landing page and teaser text. It tells you nothing about the performance of your gated content. Here’s why you should measure engagement on your gated content instead of just conversions.

Lead Quantity vs. Lead Quality

According to a 2020 survey by SEMRush, 79% percent of organizations use content marketing to produce quality leads. In a separate study, 67% of companies use lead generation (conversions) as the sole indicator of content success. Together these statistics represent a dramatic misalignment. If companies focus on conversions to measure gated content performance, they’re mistaking lead quantity for lead quality.

The ultimate purpose of investing in content creation is to generate leads – but are they quality leads? A more in-depth analysis of your audience is necessary to segment users, target marketing efforts, and identify which leads are truly worth the investment. Unfortunately, this poses a unique challenge for producers of gated content because once a recipient receives that content, you have no way of knowing how they engage with it.

Measure Engagement with Gated Content vs. Un-Gated Content

Engagement is important. As explained by the online marketing master Neil Patel, “[T]he more engaging your content, the better it will work.” And thankfully, engagement with web content is pretty easy to track through traditional analytics; most organizations measure content success through the familiar list of metrics: organic traffic, sessions or pageviews, conversion rates, time on page, and bounce rate. And these are fine to gain insight into the performance of ungated content.

But here’s the big dilemma: You can’t measure engagement with gated content the same way you measure engagement with ungated content.

Once a recipient receives your content, their engagement is a mystery because your content is housed on their device and no longer tied to your website and captured by your analytics. While you gain the lead, you lose the insights. But eliminating gated content isn’t the solution, either – because you’ll gain the insights but lose the lead. You need the best of both worlds.

Measure Engagement on Gated Content with

Get the leads and the insights with offers a unique platform to share your gated content while still capturing engagement data. Upload your file to create a unique link that tracks visits, engagement, inbound traffic, time-on-page, hotspots, and shares on a user-friendly dashboard, all while still preserving the gate and retaining the lead. Use this data to segment your marketing, refine your messaging, and improve the effectiveness of your content. Your team needs better quality leads – not just more leads. Decrease the disconnect, measure engagement on your gated content,  and get the detailed data you need with Try it for free!

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