Gated Content Pros (without the Cons!)

Gated Content Pros (without the Cons!)

The debate between Gated Content Pros and Cons can be narrowed down to a single question: Are you interested in generating page views or qualified leads? Gated content requires the exchange of information before the visitor can access the content behind it. If the focus of your marketing is to gain qualified leads, then Gated Content is your answer!

Using Gated Content Has Many Pros

Gated Content Generates Quality Leads

If a prospect leaves their name, email address, or other personal information, this is a sign they are interested in what you have to offer. Therefore, gating content is a valuable way to generate, qualify, and nurture quality leads. By receiving information about your website visitor, you can help personalize your content for this valuable lead and encourage them to become lasting customers or clients.

Gated Content Adds Perceived Value to the Material

Gated Content puts a ‘price tag’ in the form of an email address, you drive the perceived value up of what it is you are protecting. Psychologically, one’s curiosity to “see behind the curtain” and the prestige of “being an insider” with “special perks” drive viewers to give you their information for what they expect to be valuable. When you create valuable gated content, you can also be noticed by industry-leading websites by becoming a resource in their posts through back-links — increasing your visibility and viability.

Gated Content Automatically Segments your Audience with Personalizing Optimization

Gated content automatically segments your audience for you by revealing which prospects are more interested in your product. Instead of emailing every campaign to everyone, you can focus your email marketing efforts on certain segments. This drives up the open-to-click rate and decreases the opt-out by targeting the needs and interests of prospective clients.

With gatekeeping some high-quality content, you can request specific information, Such as job title in a specific professional industry, age range, or location. The information helps to create buyer personas to target subsets of consumers. This makes less guesswork for you since visitors are directly supplying you with personal data.

Gated Content Opens Communication and Creates Customer Loyalty

When you have access to prospective client’s contact information through gated content, you open a direct line of communication. Opening communication affords you more opportunity to encourage consumers to action. With more communication, you also have a clear picture of who is accessing your gated content – their persona and intent — so you can address specific needs. This shows how well you understand them and the relevance of the product/service you provide is to them, creating a loyal customer. It takes time to create high-quality and valuable content for which people will give you their information, but this initial investment, allowing you to have gated content, pays dividends in the form of greater customer insights and increased quality lead flows.

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