Maximize How You Use Gated Content

Maximize How You Use Gated Content

Are you using gated content to build your email distribution list, or are you using it to generate quality leads and boost sales? Those things may seem synonymous, but they’re actually quite different. If you’re just lengthening your email list, you’re missing out. Here’s how to use gated content in a way that maximizes your ROI.

Producing Content Is Popular But Pricey

The use of online content for marketing keeps growing. Today, seventy percent of marketers actively invest in content marketing. And this investment isn’t insignificant – many organizations have dedicated staff for in-house content creation. But in today’s data-driven and budget-conscious world, results matter. Between 2019 and 2020, the percentage of marketers who reported struggling to prove the ROI value of their content skyrocketed more than 50%.

This expectation to justify the ROI hits producers of gated content particularly hard for two reasons. First, gated content takes more resources to produce than regular ungated content. The research, design, editing, and time involved in developing high-value, in-depth, long-form content make the cost-per-piece significantly higher. Second, measuring the performance of gated content is impossible with traditional analytics. Once the recipient receives the gated content, there’s no way to measure engagement.

How to Use Gated Content Effectively helps content marketers capture valuable insights that have been previously unavailable for gated content. By creating a unique link for recipients to access the content rather than giving them a downloaded document or PDF, tracks opens, hotspots, time-on-page, and inbound traffic. An easy-to-use dashboard gives you all the analytics you need to prove the value of your gated content.

Even better, dives deep into the data to evaluate each piece of content and offer insights into how to improve its effectiveness. Make data-informed decisions on how to spend resources, understand what type of content performs best so future projects have the best impact, and learn how to use gated content to achieve maximum results.

Plus, since allows you to retain the gate while preserving the insights, you’ve still captured individual email addresses and can review activity at both the audience and individual level to segment your marketing efforts. This brings us back to that email distribution list we mentioned earlier.

Email Marketing Done Better

Email marketing isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it can be a great thing. But focusing your efforts on the size of your distribution list isn’t the most effective strategy. Focus on the quality of your leads and the relevance of your campaigns to each individual user instead. Consider these statistics:

  • Consumers predict that email will be the most effective marketing channel over the next ten years – even higher than social media.
  • Seventy-four percent of marketers report seeing improved results from targeted personalization of emails.
  • Segmented marketing campaigns have a 14% higher open rate than non-segmented campaigns.
  • Segmented marketing campaigns have a 100% higher click-thru rate than non-segmented campaigns.
  • Marketers using segmented campaigns report up to a 760% increase in revenue.

The bottom line? Email marketing still matters. But segmented email marketing matters more. With the insights offered by, you can strategically target your campaigns based on demographics or recipient engagement, refine existing content to improve its performance, and make data-driven decisions to maximize the effectiveness of future content pieces. Ultimately, shows you who engages with your gated content, what activities drive conversion, and how your gated content influences your sales funnel – which not only help you maximize your marketing efforts but give you solid data to prove your content’s ROI. Try it for free!

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