The Content Crystal Ball is Here for Marketing Teams

The Content Crystal Ball is Here for Marketing Teams

We have heard it over and over again, content is king.  But there are many types of content out there and specifically we found the crystal ball for gated content, which is used both in the B2B and B2C worlds.  

Intent Data is Now Visible

Scroll through your social media feeds and you will see that most sponsored ads have a “learn more” or a “download” button. They both lead you to a landing page form fill where marketers capture information on the prospects. Marketing teams use this data in many ways, but what they don’t capture today is everything that happens AFTER the prospect fills out the form. Why? Because you swap contact information for a file.  But the data is in the file.  What did they focus on? how long did they stay on a particular page/topic? did they “like”, “comment”, “share”, etc. or interact with the file (ALL indicators of INTENT).  This engagement data is important for many reasons we will explore, which is why we call this the crystal ball. The intent data is now visible.

Refine your Content Until it Gets the Results you Want

Where to spend time and resources is critical in the world of Marketing.  ROI is a big deal – but where you put that time and money? You need data. Without engagement data marketers fly blind. Knowing where you getting ACTUAL interactions is key to investing in the right place.  So why are marketing teams and agencies settling for the form fill in exchange for the downloaded file?  Simple, it has always been the way we do things. Give away a file, get their contact information. 

Well, there is a lot left on the table when there is an even swap.  For the most part, marketers are excited they drove a new lead. But, what they don’t have is how that lead interacted with the file. If there is engagement data on the file, marketing teams can refine and keep refining the content to produce EXTREMELY relevant and engaging content. Marketing teams can now refine the content until it gets the results you want.

Promote the Content that gets High Engagement

Looking at data that tells you a particular file got high engagement, but low reach is an indicator that you should promote the heck out of that content.  Why sit on it? Start designing a new campaign to market that gated content and drive some reach. Learn what other content you can produce from the topics contained inside the file as well!  The added benefit: you get to sprawl new pieces of content to capture new audiences. Teams can focus on the promoting the content that gets high engagement and resonates most.

Create more Content that is Working to Increase ROI

Creating more content seems like it’s an easy task and, sure, it is if you are writing about anything and everything. And if you have endless time and money then writing about anything and everything is a great strategy. But most companies need to be better than that. They have to produce, curate and drive a customer journey that is as short as possible and convert as many leads as possible through all the means possible. As gated content is usually part of the inbound marketing strategy, why would you not take full advantage of the platforms dedicated to producing the best content so you can refine and create more of it?

Increasing the ROI of every piece of content is what we set out to produce with, it seems like no better way to set the bar than to get data on what to produce next. 

Eliminate What is Not Working

To add additional value, we continue to push on eliminating content that is not working. Why produce content based on keywords and topics that may not drive future engagement?  Well tools like SEMrush and Moz provide a current and historic view of what keywords or topics your content should focus on, but the outcome of the file is a WHOLE document.  It is not just keywords and topics, it is a collection of a larger and holistic thought brought to a blog, story or informative guide or report. The real meat is whether this content comes together or not. If it does come together, you will see what to produce more of but if it doesn’t, then eliminate it from your arsenal. Stop spending time on the flop, move on, agree that it failed and focus on what is working.  Eliminate what is not working.

Reduce the Number of “Direct Links” 

Time and time again, Marketers have a high number of direct links hitting their websites.  The downside of this is the teams don’t get additional information or attribution of where those leads ACTUALLY came from.  When gated content or free content giveaways are part of the inbound strategy, they usually contain links withing the files. Because of the way links in pdf files work, there is no telling where a person came from if they click a link within a PDF file.  This means that every link click within a PDF file shows up on the website metrics as a “direct link” which is not very helpful.  In order to reduce this, marketing teams can gate the content behind platforms like and now the attribution exists, thereby reducing the number of “direct links” that form the metrics of website visit data.  

The interesting thing here is that we accidentally stumbled on this feature and never really intended for it to be part of our platform. But now it is and all for the benefit Marketers, Marketing teams and Agencies.

Develop Specific Nurture Campaigns for what Actually Interests your Prospects

Why is this important?  Because you want to drive higher conversions. For a long time now, marketers have been complacent with putting people in a nurture/drip campaign and constantly send them stuff to see what sticks.  The equivalent of offering everything and at the same time nothing of interest. If you had the data within the crystal ball ( you would know EXACTLY what peaked a leads interest. You can then HYPER-FOCUS your drip campaigns with relevant data that has WAY more chance of converting your leads.

The Content Crystal Ball is here for Marketing Teams and Agencies 

More specifically if the team is working on gated content as part of the marketing strategy, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t have the engagement and intent data needed to drive more leads into conversions. provides a unique way of presenting gated content and delivers data that was NEVER available. If you feel the need to start small – do the trial or the $9 per month starter package but stop wasting time and money and stay hyper-informed with our platform.

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