Get the data you NEED to make informed decisions.

At The Content Refinery, we visualize intent data to refine content topics, enhance nurture campaigns and measure attribution.

How We Help

Refine Your Content

Continuously improve the impact and quality of your content by leveraging data insights based on intent data and prospects actual engagement with gated documents.

Focus your Nurture Campaigns

Optimize the effectiveness of your campaigns by understanding content hotspots at the page level. Then, take those emails and put them in the OPTIMAL nurture campaigns to convert them quicker. Use interest and intent data to pick the right campaigns.

Measure Attribution

Know exactly who engages with your content and what activity levels drive conversion. Measure who gets down the funnel and converts.

The Benefits

User Friendly

Drag and drop your file into The Content Refinery. Create unique links for each piece of content at the push of a button.

Platform to Advise

Get actual data insights to make more informed decisions about your nurture campaigns and content creation.

No Bloating Here

We made a point of designing a product without all the unnecessary and confusing bells and whistles.

Measure Impact

Gauge the interest, understand the engagement and take action to drive conversions.

Personalized Experience

Leverage your branding and attract your prospects with a personalized and unique experience.

Tracking Dashboard

Track file views, page views, and who your prospect shares your content with.

Stop Guessing and Get Started

Accelerate the customer journey with intent data.

Because we love metrics

We have some exclusive features that will blow your mind.

Content Performance

Understand intent data, how content performs, who it is performing with and how to make data based decisions. Learn what to promote, what to refine, what to produce more of and most importantly what to eliminate altogether. Our visual representation of data will help you quickly analyze what to do next.

Our Pricing

Choose your best plan

Refined: Silver-3 for starters

$9 / mo

Unlimited users

1 Account / 75MB max per file

3 file limit

Free 21-day trial

Custom Branding

Real-time notifications



Refined: Gold-10 for Marketers

$99 / mo

Unlimited users

1 Account / 75 MB max per file

15 file limit

Free 21-day trial

Custom Branding

Real-time notifications



Refined: Platinum for Agencies

$149 / mo

Unlimited users

Up to 10 clients 

100 file limit / 75MB max per file

Free 21-day trial

Custom Branding

Real-time notifications


How it works.


1. Sign up!
2. Load a file.
3. Copy/Paste a script on your website header and configure.

That’s it.  Pretty easy.

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Content Refinery provides unique, real-time insights into your Customer and their engagement with the content you share. We help you refine your messaging, accelerate your opportunities and serve your audience better by making content improvement recommendations based on actual customer behavior.​
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